Brand Advertising & Promotions

Brand Advertising & Promo's

Segway PTs generate huge interest and attract crowds of fascinated people. People can't help but look!

We¡¯re probably the most experienced business in the world using Segway PTs as a vehicle for promotion at trade shows, corporate events and public extravaganzas. We know what we¡¯re doing and we¡¯ll make Segway PTs work for you.

Use Segway PTs in all kinds of creative ways including:

    • Brand Promotion ¡ª we brand Segway PTs with your corporate advertising, wear your logo clothing, sell your
    brand and speak your message as we interact with the public. Display your message on Segway Sails
    ¡ª our stunning diamond-shaped front shields printed with your branding.
    More options include Wheel Disc and LCD screens.

    • Brand Experience ¡ª we give short rides to the public, to staff, to special guests ¡ª in a way that strongly
    associates the unique ¡°„Segway Smile¡°ņ experience in a positive way with your organization and your product or
    service. We know the secret of how we make this work extraordinarily well. Expect to attract huge crowds!

    • Generate Sales of your product/service at events - your customers get to ride a Segway PT when they buy
    your product on the spot. This is incredibly powerful ¡ª most people have never felt what its like to ride a Segway
    PT...and everyone who has wants to ride again!

    • Segway Sampling ¡ª Promo Girls/Guys safely and efficiently gliding around and through crowds handing out
    brochures, samples or selling your product. Our Promo staff interact with people, perform product demonstrations,
    sell items, or even pour drinks while riding a Segway PT.

    • Special Segway PTs ¡ª the cross-terrain Segway x2 with off-road tyres and the x2 Golf variant capture the
    imagination of a wide range of personalities, and add to the excitement at an event.

    • Or your own idea - just ask - we can do it! We love doing the extraordinary and the outrageous.

We provide exceptional Promo Staff with our Segway PTs ¡ª bright, experienced, intelligent and attractive ¡ª who work hard to promote your business, product or service and speak your corporate message.

We work anywhere, day or night, and enjoy doing new things - so go ahead and suggest your promo ideas!

We also hire Segway PTs without promo staff, and we can train your own staff to ride the Segway PTs (if appropriate).

Hire Segway PT¡¯s with Promo Staff all rates exclude GST

AUCKLAND up to 3 hours additional hours full day* multiple days
ONE Segway PT & ONE Promo Staff $400 $100 $800 per hour
TWO Segway PTs & TWO Promo Staff $550 $200 $1200 per hour
Additional Segway PTs $150 $50 $350 per hour
Additional Promo Staff $150 $35 $250 per hour
* up to 9 hours, extra hours at "additional hours" rates


    ¡ª for one day events, rates as above plus add $400 for travel time.
    ¡ª for multiple day events simply contact us for a quote.


We provide Segway PTs and Promo Staff everywhere in New Zealand

    ¡ª simply contact us for a quote.

Hire Segway PTs without Promo Staff all rates exclude GST

Hourly rate per Segway PT∗ $50
One Day rate per Segway PT∗ $400
Additional Days per PT per day $200
Long term rate per Segway PT from $50 per day ¡ª simply contact us for a quote
Monthly rate per Segway PT $995 (minimum rental is 2 months)
Yearly rate per Segway PT $5,995 (annual rental for a fully maintained current model)
Delivery/Collection We deliver for $50 and collect for $50, or you can collect from and/or return to our Auckland Office
*a minimum hire charge total of $250 applies (total includes delivery and/or collection, if any)
** must be returned within 24 hours from beginning of rental
Yearly rate per Segway PT $5,995 (annual rental for a fully maintained current model)
NATIONWIDE We deliver Segway PTs for hire everywhere in New Zealand ¡ª simply contact us for a quote

Segway PT Support

Check out our FAQ, manuals and guides, and safety studies for a full range of Segway PT information.

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