Segway PT Polo

Corporate and Group Entertainment Events

We'll bring our Segway PTs and our fantastic, experienced staff along to your next event to add a burst of fun and excitement.

We bring Segway PTs anywhere you're holding an event or party, product launch, training course or conference! Plus, you can invite us as an extra-special addition at any other primary activity you're doing - Amazing Races, Ropes Courses, a day at the Races or a Corporate Golf Day, and more. Segway New Zealand has been providing Corporates and Groups with exciting adventures on Segway PTs since 2003, and we created Segway PT Corporate Polo!

We provide our Segway activities nationwide throughout New Zealand, and around the South Pacific.


If you have as little as 15 minutes and you want to offer a gentle, unique interactive experience we can give short rides on Segway PTs. This activity can be done just about anywhere, even in a small indoor space. We'll stay as long as you like.


This is the activity we're world renowned for developing and perfecting. If you have a 20 to 45 minute period we can offer your group an exciting team-building activity using Segway PTs. We divide your group into teams, teach everyone to ride, then set the teams against each other in a relay race around a slalom course. There are prizes for the fastest team, the best team spirit, and the best and worst riders!

The great thing about this activity is we can squeeze it in anywhere - indoors in a large boardroom or any conference centre, outdoors in a car park, grassed area or field, on a tennis court, or even on the beach! We'll even make use of the features of the location to add to the challenge.

This game is most fun when we have one PT per 6 to 8 persons. We play several variations on the theme, depending on the group size and time available.

If you have more time when we're done, group members can enjoy freely riding around on the PTs.

RATES: Short Rides and/or the Segway Challenge Team Building Activity all rates exclude GST

AUCKLAND up to 1 hour up to 3 hours additional hours
ONE Segway PT & ONE Promo Staff $265 $400 $100 per hour
TWO Segway PTs & TWO Promo Staff $550 $550 $200 per hour
Additional Segway PTs $150 $150 $50 per hour
Additional Promo Staff $150 $150 $35 per hour
Segway Challenge is best enjoyed with one PT for every 6 to 8 team members, plus sufficient Staff
NATIONWIDE and OVERSEAS Rates as above, plus reasonable travel expenses. Contact Us for a quote.

THE SEGWAY ADVENTURE - City Park and Regional Park Off-road Tours

Take a Segway Guided Tour around a scenic route, stopping to view sites and enjoy refreshments at a great cafe.
Or take an Off-road adventure through a Regional Park. Contact Us to discuss great locations in your city, rates and maximum group sizes.


Now this is something you havent done before.

Entertain your staff, enjoy an outing with clients, or play against other businesses - Segway PT Corporate Polo is our incredible new event that everyone can play (no special skills or sporting ability is required). Ideal for groups of 6 to 16 people, and a typical 90-120 minute event begins with the Segway Challenge (above) to build your riding skills then finishes with up to two Polo games. We can play on any suitable outdoor space (sports field, suitable park, etc) or indoors in a Sports Centre/Gym/YMCA.

Here is our Flyer - pass it around, get everyone excited, then Contact Us and make a booking.

You can learn more about the game of Segway PT Polo here


Next time you're taking a small but important group of associates out for golf, create an impression with the experience of playing a round transported on the specially configured Segway x2 Golf model. Forget about boring old golf carts - they're sooooo 20th Century.

Or at your next Ambrose Golf corporate day we'll add a special Segway spin to the activities. We'll quickly teach everyone to ride before they set off, then place the Segway PTs out at a particular hole and use them to transport groups between that hole and the next.


Our latest creation! Played outdoors or indoors with a giant can just imagine it now.......

Segway PT Support

Check out our FAQ, manuals and guides, and safety studies for a full range of Segway PT information.

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