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Warehouses and facilities customers

  • AICA, Inc.
  • Aircom Manufacturing
  • Boeing
  • Crown Equipment Corp.
  • Emhart Teknologies
  • General Electric
  • Gillette
  • Lendell Manufacturing
  • Martignetti Companies of New Hampshire
  • Modern Materials Handling
  • Pemco Naval Engineering Works
  • Phillips Screw Company
  • Qualcomm
  • Schafer Gear Works
  • Shenandoah Electronic Intelligence, Inc.
  • Schindler Elevator Corporation
  • Scientific Atlanta Inc
  • Texas Instruments

Warehouses Case Study

Segway PTs are transforming the way facility managers and personnel conduct business. Convenient, efficient, and capable of carrying up to 40 lbs* of cargo, they're ideal for light industrial applications. Find out how warehouses everywhere are using Segway PTs to increase productivity, eliminate employee fatigue, and improve their bottom-line.


Here's the challenge: You have a 650,000-square-foot high-tech manufacturing facility encompassing three multi-level buildings, and twice a day your engineering and maintenance department must check each of the 45 gas-delivery pressure gauges spread throughout the vast manufacturing system. Moreover, when a manufacturing emergency occurs in some region of the facility, you need to get a technician to the scene as quickly as possible to address the problem. The solution? The Segway Personal Transporter (PT).

Maneuverable, Gas-free

Low maintenance solutions for increased productivity.

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