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Image of i2


  • Designed for easy operation over normal terrain
  • Available in gloss white, anodized black, and new metallic sage

    $11,550 + GST

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Image of x2


  • Provides enhanced performance on varied terrain
  • All-terrain tires and wider track

    $12,440 + GST

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i2 Commuter

  • Designed for your daily commute
  • Specially equipped for commuting and running errands, indoors and out

    $11,995 + GST

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Image of x2 Adventure

x2 Adventure

  • Size and muscle required for off-road
  • Specially equipped for outdoor excursions

    $13,065 + GST

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i2 Cargo

  • More cargo capacity than the i2 Commuter
  • Givi® cases provide rugged, removable, lockable storage

    $11,818 + GST

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Image of x2 Turf

x2 Turf

  • Low-pressure turf tires are gentle on any terrain
  • Scratch resistant fenders double as lift handles and accommodate cargo accessories

    $12,440 + GST

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Image of x2 Golf

x2 Golf

  • Special low-pressure tires barely disturb the turf
  • Specially equipped for any golfer

    $13,325 + GST

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Image of Accessories


  • Personalize with accessories designed for convenience, comfort, and style
  • Carry cargo, secure your PT and make your ride more comfortable with these accessories
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Pre-owned & ex-demo PT's

Factory-refurbished PTs

  • We offer a selection of first-generation (previous model) PTs that have been fully refurbished in the factory in USA. They look great, are fitted with brand new batteries and are covered by a 6 month warranty.
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Ex-demo and pre-owned PTs

  • We occasionally have ex-demo current model PTs, and pre-owned/trade-in previous and current model PTs for sale
  • Contact Us to request details


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i2 Cargo has more cargo capacity than the i2 Commuter

i2 Cargo

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