Casio G-SHOCK series of true and false analysis

Casio G-SHOCK series profile Since 1983, Casio G-SHOCK watch with innovative, seismic concept and powerful design, Casio G-SHOCK seismic legend has entered the 25th year, Casio G-SHOCK Casio as always advocated by the "beyond the dream, challenge the limit "The spirit of the brand will continue to be followed and spread. G-SHOCK was created, from a simple belief: to create a watch will never break. To create a fall is not bad, not bad to drop the case, who will, the problem is that part of the watch core transmission, liquid crystal displays are extremely fragile. After the impact of the watch encountered, that kind of shock will spread to the internal parts. However, Casio organized a development team, named "TOUGHNESS" to specialize in this study. They identified three of the 10 targets: a 10-year mechanical life, a 10-meter water-resistant capacity, and a 10-meter drop shock. The first few of the program proved by trial - 10 meters high free fall test failed. Later, Casio watch designers from the rubber ball game inspired. Imagine a rubber ball, or a softball, when you try to hit, the rubber part of the impact force all absorbed. If you can watch the parts of the parts "suspended" in the ball, so that uk replica watches it can not touch the ball, then these parts will be fully protected. Of course, this is easier said than done in the next two years, after numerous trials, the idea was to become a perfect program. Finally one day a completely practical value of the sample is completed, it fell to the asphalt after the ground is not broken, but rebounded. In 1983, G-SHOCK was born. Through this innovation, the world's unique earthquake structure was created, which gives the watch has a new concept: strong. In recent years, adhering to the "never broke the watch," the belief, continuous innovation. When the three 10 goals have been far beyond. In every aspect of the design are considered solid, G-SHOCK to the new unknown areas continue to challenge. This attitude has not only created a new shock structure, but also developed many advanced scientific and technological achievements, including the integration of radio reception and solar energy technology G-SHOCK. G-SHOCK series of true and false identification details Genuine Casio G-HOCK series replica watches dial external digital plate engraved neat and clear, and the imitation of the external dial number appears to be a bit rough, and some imitation even very rough. Dial relatively bright and clear, the dial within the shading is also clear specification. Imitation of the dial is more dark and deep, relatively shaded within the dial, and some even more vague. Press the big damping, feel strong when pressed strong, while the imitation of the keys are more loose, press the poor feel. Watch the LOGO font neat specifications, the letter between the standard interval. The false watch LOGO letters between the more compact, the overall feeling of a little flat font. Watch steel strap polished fine, clear texture. Imitation goods strap polished rough, and some textures of different shades, was line-like. Genuine Casio watches generally use sandblasting process, while the high imitation watches are drawing process. Edging is more rounded, was circular. The imitation of the grinding more sharp, angular, sharp edges. Genuine CASIO watches the shape of the rules of holes in the template, holes are relatively small. False form of the hole pattern of the edge of the template diffusion, hole slightly larger. CASIO genuine watch bezel text clear and meticulous, and high imitation watch the bezel text slightly rough fuzzy, detailed observation can be resolved. Strap connection closely, the convergence of the gap is also small and standardized. The imitation of the strap strap loose, not only significant gap, and the gap is big or small. Genuine Casio watch at the bottom of the overall texture clear, bright and have a certain luster. One of the LOGO spacing moderate, neat font specifications. Imitation goods at the end of the overall texture is fuzzy and dark deep, which is slightly larger LOGO spacing. Label printed with uk replica watches words and other words, and high imitation watches, the label is generally no model identification. Warranty card font for the standard Times New Roman, and imitation goods warranty card font is bold, the color is more deep. Warranty card at the bottom of the marked as Casio (Guangzhou) Trading Company, and imitation of the warranty card at the bottom of the words for the Casio Electronics (Hong Kong agent) Limited or other company name. With the box sponge watch care surface is more detailed and clear, fine workmanship, and imitation goods sponge watch care surface slightly rough, the connection is not detailed enough. Genuine Casio watches the surface of the box was horizontal stripes, and imitation of the surface of the packaging box is vertical bars. The box is neat and neat, and imitation of the box work is not detailed enough, folding office is not structured. Genuine Casio watch edge of the edge of the grinding edge meticulous, was a smooth angular. The imitation of the grinding more rough, and some were polygonal. watch back bright and clean, mark clear. Imitate the back of the dial slightly dark. The side of the lug is relatively thin, imitation of the parts of this relatively thick. Knobs are attached with transparent stickers and imitations are attached with blue cellophane. Genuine Casio watch cortex strap fine workmanship, no obvious folds. Imitation goods are different, and some obvious folds. Cortical strap sewing line neatly, imitation of the alignment of the line is not enough standard, or distorted. Cortex strap on the back of granular, imitation strap back appears to be too smooth. Clasp above the white plastic paper packaging, and high imitation watch clasp above the blue plastic packaging. The font on the tag is darker in color and slightly smaller in size. Imitation goods tag on the font color of light, slightly larger font. Genuine Casio watches outside the box on the font color is white, and imitation of the font color is different. This experience shows the true and false comparison chart only for a single model, does not mean that the full range of models of the models are using the same characteristics for comparison, but some details of the other models can also do a direct reference.