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x2 Adventure

The Segway x2 Adventure takes you off the beaten path and turns you on to the powerful thrill of nature. For both casual riders and experienced explorers, it’s your all-access pass to the great outdoors.

Experience the excitement of gliding through off road environments with the x2 Adventure. Specially equipped with a handlebar bag for water bottles and clothing, with universal cargo plates, and a bright 200 lumin LED headlight this package has everything you need for any excursion. So whether you’re looking to enjoy a scenic outing or conquer changing terrain, the x2 Adventure will set your pace.

$14,695 ($13,065 + GST)

x2 Adventure Specs

  • Weight120 lbs
    54.4 kg
  • Tires*7 in
    17.7 cm
  • Footprint26.5x33 in
    67x84 cm
  • Max Speed12.5 mph
    20 kmh
  • RangeUp to 12 mi

*wide low-pressure tires

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Man riding X2
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Man riding X2 Adventure
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Man and women riding X2 on a trail
x2 Adventure At a Glance
  • Handlebar Bag for stowing water bottle and other necessities
  • Universal Cargo Plates for easy attachment of various cargo solutions, including Segway Hard Cases by Givi
  • Battery-powered LED Headlight to show you the way
  • LeanSteer Frame Tool-less Release to allow quick disassembly of your x2 for transport in a car or truck
  • Accessory Bar is perfect for mounting lights, sirens, a GPS unit, and other accessories that utilize round handlebar clamps

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