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It is Liberating.

Gary London

50 years old
Real Estate Economist and Strategist
San Diego, CA

I am very excited about my recent purchase of the Segway Personal Transporter (PT). I use it to whisk around downtown San Diego, glide to meetings and overall, have fun. I find that it is a safe, reliable and incredibly efficient way to get around. The battery charges cheaply on the household current and I usually don't require a parking space because I take it right in to office buildings.

On a typical day I will get on it to ride about a mile to visit a client along the B Street Corridor. I usually can open the door to the lobby of the highrise office building. I ride into the elevator and straight up to the client's office. I might go to the bank. The security guards all know me now. I park the Segway right at their station and do my banking.

When I have a lunch appointment, I will ride the Segway into the restaurant and park next to my table. I live and work in a very dense urban setting. I find that I am the center of attention on the streets. When I am not in a hurry, I take time to answer people's questions. When I have to get somewhere fast, I am polite as people ask questions, but usually answer by suggesting they visit the Segway web site.

The way that we get around our city ultimately will reshape it. I am happy to be a part in the reshaping of San Diego. I know that I won't be seeing a flood of Segways on the sidewalks of San Diego in the near future, but like the auto, I am confident it will eventually become a part of our everyday life.

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