Segway for Individuals

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It Has You Making Excusing to Run Errands.

Gregory Carrier

37 years old
Technology consultant
Houston, TX

I live in a small city within Houston, called Bellaire. I am within one mile of the center of Bellaire, which puts me within a few miles of most of its businesses and activities. I use my Segway PT to replace short car trips from my home and home office, such as buying groceries, meeting with others at nearby restaurants, and running local errands. And because you aren't encased in a vehicle, people treat you more personally, making you more a part of the community as opposed to just a passing customer. When was the last time a stranger waved to you while you drove in a large city?

"Remember when you got excited about driving a car? The freedom and pleasure of riding on a Segway PT has you making excuses to run errands!"

I am a big believer and supporter of alternative energy, and the independence one gets from not relying on our current coal and oil power plants. My own home utilizes solar energy, and I wanted to reduce my transportation pollution as well. The Segway PT fits my needs wonderfully because it runs on so little electricity that I can actually charge it from my solar electric system.

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