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A Relationship Between Human and Machine.

Beth Goza

31 years old
Product manager
Seattle, WA

Ever since the announcement last year I had been hoping there would be an opportunity to buy one. I have always been interested in transportation alternatives to the car, and my husband and I are currently a one car household. The Segway solves two problems - one, we now have another mode of transportation and two, I always love to have cool technology!

"What I like most about the Segway Personal Transporter is that it is fundamentally a relationship between human and machine - making technology accessible, relevant, and above all, fun!"

The Segway Personal Transporter is a very long-term investment. We purchased one in order to sell our second car - the Segway PT will be used for any trips that are 'too close to drive and too far to walk'. The Segway PT is easier to use for trips to the grocery store or the cleaners, in which transporting a load is required. It helps to maintain your balance, negotiate rough or uneven terrain and get you to your destination safely. It is SO worth considering a Segway PT if you are looking for any sort of transportation alternatives.

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