Segway for Individuals

Owner Stories

It's a Natural Ice-Breaker.

Paul Evans

Not yet retired
Computer Teacher and Technical Coordinator
Ensign Intermediate School
Newport Beach, CA

I live on an island in Newport Harbor and got my Segway PT in March 2003. I teach junior high school computer applications and ride approximately 3 miles to work on my Segway PT a few days per week, depending on what other things I want to do. When I run errands or ride for fun, the Segway can be much more than just a means of transportation!

The island where I live, in fact all of Newport Beach, is a tourist area, especially in the summer. The Segway PT is a great way to get things done without having to compete with cars on the streets. Fortunately, I am not a shy person, as my Segway PT invariably starts conversations. People are curious... The more they have seen it on TV, the more questions they ask. It's a natural ice-breaker.

The product exceeds expectations! Riding at the fastest speed and taking an extended run on the Segway PT is the only way to really experience the uniqueness and quality of the machine. Fantastic!

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