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You'll Be in for the Ride of Your Life.

Robert M. O'Sullivan

26 years old
Engineering Technician
Deer Park, TX

I purchased my Segway™ PT mainly because I admire the technological marvel of it; it is a unique and eye-catching invention. During the course of the developments, as IT became Ginger, then becoming the Segway PT, I followed it with great enthusiasm and a sense of wonder not felt since I was a child at Christmastime. Once it was unveiled on Good Morning America, I wanted to know more, learn more, find out everything I could about how it worked. The Segway PT, for me, became more about the opportunity to change the way I did things, to lead the way in what will hopefully and eventually become the norm. In certain ways, the Early Adopters will be much like Columbus—discovering new places and leading the way into the future. Therein lies the greatest decision for me to purchase: innovation. It could, very easily, be the way we decide to get from Point A to Point B from here on out.

I use my Segway PT any time it's too short to drive and too far to walk. I glide to the convenience store, to get groceries, to shop, and I get lunch every day on my Segway PT. I also take some evening courses at my local community college, and I use my Segway PT to get from my house to class two nights a week (8 miles round trip!). Taking my Segway PT into Downtown Houston is always a blast.

My experiences have been nothing short of incredible with the Segway PT. After three months of ownership, I can honestly say that purchasing my Segway PT has been the best thing I've ever done for myself. I've resided here for three years and, up until my Segway PT arrived, I knew maybe three or four neighbors. Now I know everyone in the whole neighborhood... not just my block; I've met and made friends with pretty much all of my neighbors. To me, the Segway PT represents a better way to move from Point A to Point B, but I think the greater implications of the Segway are that it stimulates conversation and is a very people-friendly device.

On top of the incredible technology behind the Segway PT, I think the greatest impact it could have on our society is not necessarily the way it may change how cities are built, but rather the sociological implications—boundaries erected by automobiles are no longer necessary, and the free exchange of dialogue and thoughts between pedestrian travelers flows freely without obstruction. Imagine a society where people were more inclined to visit and talk to one another, one where we could do more than just coexist on this planet together.

Typically, I load up the Segway PT in the trunk of my automobile and take it to work. At lunch time, I use the Segway PT to grab a meal and run errands that include going to the Post Office, convenience store, pharmacy, grocery store, and all those little trips that are too short to drive and too far to walk I've used the Segway PT to go to the hardware store as well, to get dinner for my wife and I, and I've also been in several parades. The response has always been amazing from passersby and the crowds love the Segway PT.

I firmly believe the Segway PT is the most incredible experience anyone could ever have with a transportation device. Riding a Segway PT is a liberating feeling that will tear down boundaries between you and everyone else. The Segway PT may well change the way cities are designed, but the sociological aspects of it will probably do much more. The Segway PT is a magical experience that will amaze you, take your breath away, and place the biggest smile on your face that you've ever had. You simply cannot put a price tag on happiness or fun but if you did, the Segway PT would be worth far more than you'd pay for it. It's safe, stable, reliable, and Segway Inc. has the most incredible customer support and service of any company I've ever dealt with.

Start to finish, everything about Segway PT is top-notch and if you are teetering on the brink of purchasing one, don't think twice about it. You'll be in for the ride of your life!

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