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I am Amazed by the Universal Appeal of It.

John C. Hertig

51 years old
Mechanical Engineer & Healthcare Executive
Marina Bay (Boston), a suburban area on Boston Harbor

I use my Segway PT almost every day and I am having a great time being outside more. I have been all over my neighborhood and other areas of town where I live. When I need a break from work, I jump on the PT and off I go. I use it to go to the local stores, dropping off laundry, getting a haircut, even going to the dentist. Now that I have my front bag accessory installed, I will be able to run errands conveniently. Also it's a great way to meet people. I have had nothing but positive reactions since I received my Segway PT. People are constantly stopping and asking me questions and chatting.

There is a boardwalk on the marina, near where I live, with a number of restaurants and shops. I enjoy the ride along the water and the ambience of the boardwalk. I stop to enjoy the sun, the ocean and many times to have lunch. I am often answering questions about the Segway PT and providing others with the chance to test it out. I am really amazed by the universal appeal of the PT. I have met couples in there 80's who know all about it, as well as families with children. Everyone wants a ride of course.

I am quite excited about the opportunity I have, as a Segway PT owner, to educate and show others about this amazing technology and how it is positively affecting my life. I feel it is part of my duty to show others how this machine can easily integrate with pedestrians and cities. When I am describing my experiences riding the Segway PT, I find myself using the words "unbelievable, incredible, awesome" to summarize my feelings.

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