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The Segway PT Has Changed My Life.

Jill McAlester

58 years old
Company administrator for a software manufacturing company
San Juan Capistrano, CA

Before I bought my Segway PT, I barely spent time with my husband doing activities. I was unable to walk the dog with him, I would sit waiting while friends walked around the harbor, I stopped visiting shows, etc. I relied more on my gas guzzling SUV even for short trips.

Since my Segway PT has arrived, I have been on nightly "walks" with the hound and husband, "walked" the harbor many, many times, attended some local 5 and 10K road races as a spectator, visited flower shows, ridden to my volunteer job at the Gardening Angels, cruised the aisles at Home Depot, visited the local hospital for an appointment, cruised out for lunch from work, been for a manicure and pedicure, shopped the local grocery store, visited the post office, and given dozens and dozens of rides to interested people! All of this without having to find a parking place or buy gas. The novelty of being out in the fresh air again just doesn't wear off!

"The novelty of being out in the fresh air again just doesn't wear off on my Segway PT."

To say that the Segway PT has changed my life sounds dramatic—but the change has been dramatic! It has far exceeded all of my expectations and has given me back so much that I thought was gone forever. Dramatic? Yes, but very true."

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