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Segway PT Polo was developed in mid-2004 by the Bay Area Segway Enthusiasts Group in San Francisco. Since then Segway PT owners all around the world have been getting together and playing for fun. Its fast paced, easy to learn - and very addictive!

Segway PT owners in Auckland play several times a month for fun so get in touch and come join us! Even if you don't yet own a Segway PT you're welcome to watch - and even borrow a PT to try your hand on the field.

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THE WOZ CHALLENGE CUP and the New Zealand Pole Blacks

The WOZ Challenge. In late 2005 New Zealanders Steve Simms and Philip Bendall formed the Pole Blacks and created 21st century sports history by challenging the USA to the world's first International Segway PT Polo match. In Auckland on 18 February 2006, the Pole Blacks played the US Aftershocks from California for the "Woz Challenge Cup". This historic match, played during the final day of the 2006 NZ Horse Polo Open, ended in a 2-all draw after neither team scored a winning goal during the exta 5th chukka (or round).

The Woz Challenge Cup is named after Steve "Woz" Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, Segway PT enthusiast, and fearless polo playing member of the Aftershocks.

? In 2007 the Pole Blacks played the Aftershocks in San Francisco
(who beat two other US teams in a play-off to decide who would face the Kiwis), where the match was part of the annual horse "Polo in the Park" event. The popularity of Segway PT Polo is growing rapidly, and by 2008 the international championship had grown to included four US teams as well as a team from Germany, and the match was held in Indianapolis as part of the annual SegFest event. The 2009 championship will be held in Cologne, Germany.

The Pole Blacks have featured a number of high-profile Kiwis as team members, including:

Philip Bendall [Captain 2006-08] (Segway New Zealand)
Steve Simms (Tomizone, TV3's Sunrise gadget guy)
Rod Dury (founder of listed software company Xero)
Seeby Woodhouse (founder of Orcon, Green Carbon)
Andrew Somervel (Biggie)
Peter Griffin (technology writer for NZ Herald, PC World, etc)


Entertain your staff, enjoy an outing with clients, or play against other businesses - Segway PT Corporate Polo is the hot new event that everyone can play (no special skill or sporting ability is required). Ideal for groups of 6 to 16 people, and a typical 90 minute event includes two 30 minute games at suitable indoor or outdoor venue.

Here is our Flyer - pass it around, get everyone excited, then Contact Us and make a booking.

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