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More than 750 police departments and security organizations around the world have learned how the Segway PT benefits their community policing efforts, airport patrols, campus security, and mall security, allowing officers to be more visible and respond more quickly to crime situations and emergencies. Learn how the Segway PT can benefit your police department or security organization.

Segway also offers a range of government and military solutions, including the rugged Segway Robotic Mobility Platform (RMP), the Segway i2 and x2. Learn more now about these government and military applications.

New Zealand: Local Government - cost-reducing solutions for City Councils

The zero-emission Segway PT solves real-world problems and reduces operational costs for city councils. The size of the car pool fleet can be reduced because some staff can use PTs for part or all of certain roles. For example, Building Inspectors can check on central city developments more quickly and more conveniently; Health Inspectors can visit more city premises per day; and regular inspections of council assets such as footpaths, city parks and civic buildings can be completed much more quickly.

Parking Wardens write up to twice as many infringement notices per day when they use Segway PTs. Staff churn rate is reduced because a wider range of persons can apply for a role that no longer demands long distance walking. Further, instead of taking a car from the city centre out to inner suburbs so they can perform a day of patrolling on foot, riding a PT throughout is much less expensive and more environmentally friendly. Similarly, a PT fitted with cargo boxes to hold camera recording gear can be used to enforce inner city Bus Lanes during rush hour.

North Shore City Council was the first to purchase a Segway PT in 2005. Auckland City Council conducted a very successful trial using two PTs loaned by Segway NZ during 2008. They were used in many roles across multiple departments, and it has been estimated that adopting a small number of PTs will save hundreds of thousands of rate-payer dollars per year (through increased operational efficiencies, a reduced car pool size and fleet running costs, and increased revenue in specific areas such as improved parking enforcement).

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