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Robotic Mobility Platform (RMP)

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The Segway® Robotic Mobility Platform (RMP) takes the performance and engineering prowess demonstrated in the Segway® Personal Transporter (PT) and makes it available in a durable package for robotics applications. The Segway RMP is an extremely reliable and customizable transportation platform that is suitable for moving heavy payloads in tight spaces over a variety of terrain.

The Segway RMP product line uses the same components that enabled a Segway PT rider to travel more than 4,000 miles across the United States. These components were designed and tested to be highly reliable and durable, making the RMP ideal for service applications.

Each Segway RMP model is battery powered and emits only a slight harmonic hum when the drive motors are active. It also has an onboard charging system and is controlled via a simple USB or CAN serial bus interface. Custom interfaces are also available.

Image of RMP 50

RMP 50

The Segway RMP 50 is a statically stable platform for use on flat surfaces and at slower speeds. It’s great for lower power applications such as use in teaching labs or for indoor surveillance. Prices starting at $7,210 USD.
  • Speed0-4 mph
    0-6 kph
  • Range5-6 miles
    8-10 km
  • Weight70 lbs
    32 kg
  • Dimensions22 x 28 x 17 in
    56 x 71 x 43 cm
  • StabilizationStatic
Image of RMP 100

RMP 100

The Segway RMP 100 is derived from the p Series line of Segway HTs. It’s smaller, lighter, and narrower—a good fit for indoor applications where maneuverability, a tight turning radius and 100-150 lbs / 45-68 kg capacity is needed. Dynamic stabilization helps the Segway RMP 100 climb over obstacles that would normally impede the performance of a caster-based platform. Prices starting at $16,480 USD.
  • Speed0-6 mph
    1-10 kph
  • Range8-12 miles
    13-19 km
  • Weight125 lbs
    57 kg
  • Dimensions24 x 24 x 27 in
    61 x 61 x 69 cm
  • StabilizationDynamic
Image of RMP 200

RMP 200

The Segway RMP 200 is being used by many universities to develop a variety of autonomy technologies including mapping, leader-follower pairs, obstacle avoidance and path planning. Like the Segway PT i Series models, the Segway RMP 200 utilizes dynamic stabilization to balance and overcome obstacles while carrying up to 200 lbs / 91 kg. Prices starting at $20,000 USD.
  • Speed0-10 mph
    1-16 kph
  • Range12-15 miles
    19-24 km
  • Weight140 lbs
    64 kg
  • Dimensions25 x 29.5 x 24 in
    64 x 75 x 61 cm
  • StabilizationDynamic
Image of RMP 400

RMP 400

The Segway RMP 400 is our most powerful mobility platform. Powered by 4 lithium-ion battery packs and rolling on four ATV tires, the Segway RMP 400 is workhorse capable of carrying up to 400 lbs while maintaining impressive tractive ability over the most challenging terrain. Prices starting at $30,900 USD.
  • Speed0-18 mph
    0-29 kph
  • Range10-15 miles
    16-24 km
  • Weight240 lbs
    109 kg
  • Dimensions30 x 44 x 24 in
    76 x 112 x 61cm
  • StabilizationStatic
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